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Daiseki's Priority Issues

Daiseki operates a recycling business and has accordingly labeled "environment," "compliance," "safety," "region and community," and "people" as priority issues.

Daiseki's Five Priority Issues

The recycling and waste disposal industries are known as "venous industries." Daiseki believes that its role is to recycle waste materials produced when manufacturers create products as fuel and raw materials and return them to these manufacturers, similar to the way that veins return blood to the heart after it is sent to the entire body through the arteries.
The word "recycle" wasn't common when Daiseki was established in 1958. Since then, we have always thought of waste materials as potential resources and have conducted recycling to the fullest extent possible, while contributing to the construction of recycling-oriented societies.
Daiseki processes and recycles industrial waste under authorization from local governments and has identified five priority issues that form the basis of its approach to management: "environment," "compliance," "safety," "region and community" and "people." We are focusing on efforts related to these issues, as we believe them to be of great importance to our corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Daiseki firmly believes in its founding principle of "making the best use of limited resources," and contributing to protecting the environment is essence of its business.
While working to raise our recycling rate, we continuously strive to prevent adverse effects, such as unpleasant odors, and reduce our environmental footprint.

Daiseki and the Environment


Daiseki is expanding its business under authorization from local governments, and, accordingly, considers compliance with environmental laws and regulations, including the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act (Waste Disposal Law), to be its most important responsibility.
While working to raise employee awareness through continuous training and instruction, we employ thorough measures to ensure appropriate waste material processing, including at associated companies and suppliers within our supply chain.



Daiseki handles industrial waste that may contain highly dangerous and harmful chemical substances.
We prioritize safety above all else as our fundamental principle and handle waste materials with the utmost care and attention to detail. Daiseki also collects detailed information from customers, conducts thorough component analyses internally and continuously strives to eradicate accidents involving leakage or reactivity.
We formulated our Safety and Health Policy in March 2019.
In accordance with this policy, we will continue to prevent accidents and improve workplace environments.

Region and Community

Daiseki would not be able to manage its places of business without the understanding of all of the residents who inhabit their surrounding regions.
We work to maintain interaction and dialogue with those who live in these areas and participate in regional contribution activities.


While fulfilling its responsibilities related to recycling, Daiseki promotes work-life balance so that each one of its employees can enjoy the values of both work and living.