Straight ahead
and with care –
a thought
that creates the future

Purpose of the Daiseki Group

An environment-creating company
that contributes to society in environmental aspects,
making the best use of limited resources


Corporate Information Creating
the future of our earth

As an environment-creating company,
Daiseki will help solve social issues
to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Corporate Information

Description of business We aim to make changes
because we can.

Daiseki's mission is to make use of industrial wastes from manufacturing processes
and turn them into useful resources.

IR information Turn everything
into value.

As a company that contributes to the environment,
we seek to engage in management that meets the trust and expectations of all of society.

IR information

IR information

Sustainability Towards a future
in which kindness circulates.

We want to be kind to people and to the environment.
Looking ahead toward a future where all things circulate,
we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society.