Dividend information

Basic Policy on Allocating Profits

In order to active shareholder returns, we consider the return of profits to shareholders through the payment of dividends in line with business performance and the purchase of our own shares etc. to be of the highest priority. Consequently, we determine dividends by taking into overall consideration performance trends, the operating environment and our dividend payout ratio, while at the same time recognizing the need to reinforce our operating base and business structure. We also take into account the need to internal reserves for business development over the medium to long term.
Our basic policy is to distribute surplus funds twice a year, as interim and year-end dividends. The general meeting of shareholders determines year-end dividends, while the Board of Directors decides interim dividends. We gradually rise our dividend payout ratio by maintaining the dividend increase rate that exceeds the profit increase rate, and execute stock splits and share buybacks as necessary. We actively promote shareholder returns in line with the improvement of business performance. In order to strengthen our management base and corporate structure and prepare for medium to long term business development, we intend to enhance internal reserves and actively invest in capital investment and technological development.

Dividend Per Share

  2019 / 2 2020 / 2 2021 / 2 2022 / 2 2023 / 2
Annual (Yen) 46.00 56.00 56.00 60.00 60.00
Interim dividend (Yen) 20.00 23.00 28.00 28.00 30.00
Year-end dividend (Yen) 26.00 33.00 28.00 32.00 30.00
Payout ratio (%) 32.1 34.0 36.7 36.5 34.4

The Company conducted a 1.2-for-1 share split of its common shares on the effective date of September 1,2021.