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Policy Drawing on the concept that employees' health forms the management foundation supporting the sound growth of the company, our top management actively leads health management across the company. Daiseki fully subsidizes the cost of employee health examinations and guides employees in carrying out appropriate examinations and treatments based on the results. We also offer guidance and support for improvement of lifestyle habits, mental health measures, smoking cessation support, and more.

The Daiseki Group’s attendance rate of Regular Medical Checkups and Comprehensive Health Examinations (FY2023)

  Regular Medical Checkups Comprehensive Health Examinations
Attendance rate(%) 100 92.3

The Daiseki Group’s Stress Checks implementation

2021 2022 2023
Stress check implementation rate(%) 91.2 90.0 89.6
Proportion of highly stressed employees(%) 6.9 8.7 10.1

Measures and programs currently in operation are as follows.

1.Health consultation and employee education by public health nurses

  • We hired public health nurses in FY2023. In addition to engaging in health consultations with employees, we plan measures such as health seminars.

2. Self-care (stress checks)

  • We will introduce a new stress check system, collaborate with external wellness service providers, and offer content that will aid self-care by employees undergoing stress checks.

3. Care by external specialist organizations (mental and physical health consultations, specific health guidance)

  • In cooperation with the Tokai District Petroleum Industry Health Insurance Association, we have established a 24-hour health counseling desk. In addition to health consultations, this counseling desk offers programs including mental health counseling and a second opinion service. We also encourage employees to receive specific health guidance via contact from the health insurance association. We plan to coordinate with public health nurses to increase the employees' medical checkup rate.

4. Influenza vaccination assistance

  • In cooperation with the health insurance association, we provide a subsidy of 2,000 yen per employee to receive and also to have their family members receive influenza vaccinations.

Health management strategy map

Health management strategy map

Health management Declaration

Under the philosophy of “Making the best use of limited resources,” Daiseki will develop a sustainable society by promoting initiatives to create a recycling-oriented society.
To this end, maintenance and promotion of health of our employees and their families, who are our important assets, are essential, and are positioned as an important management issue.
We declare that we will actively promote health measures to contribute to society while our employees in mentally and physically good health grow together with our company.

Daiseki Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President Executive Officer Tetsuya Yamamoto

Health management promotion system

Certification of Health and Productivity Management Organization

Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023

Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023

The Daiseki Group is working toward the maintenance and promotion of employees' physical and mental health and toward the creation of comfortable workplace environments.
This year, Daiseki and Daiseki MCR were again certified as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization.”