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FAQ about Our Business

Responses to some typical customer questions are provided below.

What is the difference between Daiseki and other industrial waste disposal companies?

Since Daiseki was granted permission to engage in industrial waste disposal by the Japanese government in 1972, we have developed a very good reputation not only with industry, but also with self-governing bodies and citizens. In August 2000, we became the first industrial waste treatment listed on the First Sections of the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges. We have dealt with 4,500 companies, demonstrating our expertise in and commitment to industrial waste treatment and recycling.

What kind of industrial waste treatment and recycling does Daiseki provide?

We apply our years of experience and cutting-edge technology to evaluate each customer's needs individually. We treat and recycle waste acid, waste alkali, waste oil, waste plastics, sludge, soot & dust, mining waste and cinders, among other waste. Please contact us by using the request form on this homepage, and our staff will pick up samples of the waste.

How much does industrial waste treatment cost?

This depends on the material in question and the method of treatment. We provide a free estimate after receiving samples of the waste material (about 1 kg). Please use the form on this homepage to request a free estimate.

Do you have ISO 14001 certification? Can you assist us in our application?

Yes, Daiseki has set the environmental preservation as our foremost theme and has obtained ISO 14001 certification for all its works. Leveraging the environmental preservation expertise we have cultivated through our industrial waste management operations, our subsidiary, Daiseki Eco. Solution Co., Ltd., supports and advises our customers with regard to ISO 14001 certification
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Please explain the laws regarding industrial waste disposal.

The Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law was enacted to promote the proper disposal and reduction of industrial waste, as well as to curb illegal dumping. In 2001, amendments to the manifest system strengthened the penalties for dumping and other illegal acts. In addition, there are laws regarding water pollution, air pollution, pollutant release and transfer registry, soil pollution, etc.
We will answer any specific question within our experience as the leading industrial waste treatment company, or ask the administrative organs to provide an answer. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions on important matters such as these.

Can you test and remediate polluted soil?

Given the increased prevalence of soil contamination by harmful pollutants, the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act was enacted in Japan on January 1, 2003, with the aim of determining the status of soil contamination and preventing health damage due soil contamination. Our subsidiary, Daiseki Eco. Solution Co., Ltd., can solve these problems by applying its recycling and nonpolluting disposal technology. We probe the soil and classify all waste thoroughly before recycling as much as possible so that the cost is reasonable and the environment is protected.
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