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The information on Daiseki's website is provided solely to aid the understanding of the businesses, management policies, management plans, financial status and other information with regard to Daiseki and its affiliates and is not intended to solicit investment. Users of this website are cautioned to exercise their own judgments and take responsibility for any investment decisions.

Daiseki pays due attention to the content of its website. However, the Company does not guarantee the correctness, usefulness or accuracy of the content of this website. The possibility exists that information may be incorrect or contain incorrect descriptions, due to factors such as a computer malfunction or the falsification of data by a third party. Furthermore, Daiseki accepts no responsibility for any damages resulting from the incorrectness of information provided or the data download process.

The content of Daiseki's website, except for past information that is historical fact, includes plans, future outlooks, and strategies based on presently available information. Consequently, this information involves risks and uncertainties with respect to fluctuations in economic conditions, markets, taxation and other regulatory systems. Actual operating performance is likely to be affected by a variety of factors such as these.

The disclosure of information on Daiseki's website may be delayed significantly depending on the procedures employed to prepare this information. Also, information disclosed by Daiseki on securities exchanges and through other means may not be stated completely on the website and different expressions may be employed. Please be aware of such possibilities with regard to the use of this website, and be advised that the content of this site may be altered without notice.