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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Daiseki strives to provide shareholders and investors with information promptly, while maintaining the transparency, fairness and continuity of such information. We aim to disclose information in compliance with the Commercial Code, the Securities Exchange Law and the timely disclosure regulations prescribed by the listing securities exchanges (Tokyo and Nagoya). We also endeavor to disclose in a timely and proactive manner information we judge to be meaningful for the understanding of our activities.

Information Disclosure Method

The disclosure of important information, which is prescribed by the timely disclosure regulations of the listing securities exchanges, is made by registering with the Timely Disclosure Information Transfer System (TDnet) provided by the listing securities exchanges, after providing them with advance explanations. The same information is released to news agencies promptly after the registration to TDnet, and the same material is posted on our website.

Business Performance Outlook and Future Prediction

The plans, future outlooks and strategies of Daiseki and its affiliates that Daiseki provides are, except for the past or present facts, predictions of future business performance and are based on judgments and assumptions according to information currently available. Actual performance may differ from expectations due to various risks, uncertainties and economic circumstances.

Silent Periods

To prevent leaks of account settlement information and maintain fairness, Daiseki specifies periods from the day following the account closing date to the day on which financial results are announced as silent periods. During these periods, Daiseki refrains from commenting on or responding to questions regarding the outlook of the account settlement or business performance. However, if an event occurs during the silent period that we deem likely to significantly affect performance projections, we may announce such information, at our own discretion, in accordance with disclosure regulations. Meanwhile, we will respond to inquiries regarding publicly announced information even during silent periods.