Basic approach (Daiseki's Code of Conduct)

By being aware of our social roles and responsibilities as a company, by complying with laws and regulations, and by acting on the basis of economic and social ethics, the Daiseki Group seeks to continue growing and developing together with society. Toward this end, we have established a Code of Conduct common to the Group and make it known to all Group employees.

Code of conduct

Compliance system

Compliance system

In May 2002, alongside our establishment of a Compliance Committee, Daiseki established an Ethics Charter and released it inside and outside the company. Headed by the president/CEO, the Compliance Committee strives to develop a company-wide compliance structure and identify problem points, analyzes compliance risks specific to individual departments, and develops countermeasures. We have a system by which Daiseki Group executives and the compliance officers of departments promptly report any discovered problems in compliance to the Compliance Committee, and the system is being actively enforced.

Appointment of compliance officers

Daiseki appoints compliance officers to secure our compliance structure.

  • (1) Department Managers and Heads of Works are set as the parties ultimately responsible for compliance in their departments and business sites, and are called "compliance officers".
  • (2) Compliance officers must personally make compliance the basis for operations of their departments and business sites, and must thoroughly communicate information to the employees of their departments and business sites.
  • (3) Compliance officers appoint persons in charge of compliance (Vice Works Manager or Deputy Department Manager level or higher) to enforce compliance with laws, regulations, internal rules, regulations, manuals, etc., and to execute the steady operation of departments and business sites.

Roles of compliance officers

  •  Compliance officers perform monitoring to check for compliance problems in everyday sales and business activities.
  •  For the effective functioning of the compliance structure, compliance officers must carry out appropriate and timely reporting and communication.
  •  Compliance officers serve as leaders in education and awareness-raising activities in their departments and business sites.

Compliance Officer Liaison Committee

We will establish a Compliance Officer Liaison Committee consisting of compliance officers and the Human Resources Department persons in charge of compliance promotion. The purpose of the Compliance Officer Liaison Committee is to share information through exchanges and to strive for early detection of problems. For problems that involve multiple departments and works, coordination will be performed through the Compliance Office Liaison Committee.

Compliance consultations

The Daiseki Group established a compliance consultation counter where employees can directly consult with The Daiseki Human Resources Department or corporate lawyers that is easy for employees to use, and thoroughly operate it informing the importance of it.
When employees consult, the consultation counter will investigate the matter, determine the countermeasure to prevent it from happening again with the related departments and implement it thoroughly, company-wide.
The whistleblowing system stipulates the protection of whistleblowers so that employees who make report suffer no adversity.
All information from whistleblowers handled in the strictest confidence only by those who respond in the whistleblower system so no information is leaked to the outside.

Compliance study sessions

The Daiseki Group works toward compliance by holding monthly compliance study sessions for all employees.
The purpose of the study sessions is to deepen knowledge of laws and regulations related to our business and to raise awareness of legal compliance.
We are working to energize the study sessions by improving the study materials and by having the company respond to questions raised during the sessions.

See hours of education here

Handling of intellectual property

The Daiseki Group includes the following points in its Code of Conduct and strictly complies with them.

The Daiseki Group incentivizes creative activities related to intellectual property and strives for its proper protection and utilization. Intellectual property is a vital asset for the Daiseki Group, and all employees must take care with its handling.

  •  Promptly submit notifications.
  •  Respect the intellectual property of third parties.
  •  Observe disclosure procedures.

Management and utilization of intellectual property

The Daiseki Group has set forth regulations to protect inventions and other intellectual property created by employees in work. By clarifying the attribution of rights to employee inventions and guaranteeing inventor rights, we are making efforts to increase motivation toward research and development.

Number of acquisitions of intellectual property rights in the Daiseki Group (end of FY2023)


  Patents held Patents pending
Number of intellectual property rights 4 4

Information security

In 2005, we formulated Personal Information Protection Rules to ensure all officers and employees maintain a thorough understanding of appropriate personal information protections in an effort to strengthen management.
Based on the Information Security Basic Policy, we strictly manage and control the creation, use, removal and storage of information.
In FY2023, there were no incidents involving the leak of personal information.

Handling of trade secrets

The Daiseki Group has established and complies with the following points in its Code of Conduct.

Corporate information is all information that is handled by executives and employees in the execution of their duties, and must be strictly managed as trade secrets according to its importance. When collecting and using third party information, this too must be managed as trade secrets.

  •  We will strictly manage the creation, use, removal from company premises, and storage of information in accordance with the Information Security Management Regulations.
  •  We will disclose information in accordance with authority to do so.
  •  The improper use of undisclosed important business partner information, confidential business matters of the company, and similar information for the benefit of individuals or the company is prohibited.
  •  Acquisition of information through improper means is prohibited.
  •  The use or leak of information obtained during employment, even following resignation, is prohibited.
  •  We also strictly manage personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Regulations.

Compliance with the Excellent Industrial Waste Disposal Company Certification System

The purpose of this system is to create an environment in which generators of industrial waste can easily outsource treatment to excellent certified businesses and to promote the proper treatment of industrial waste.
If an industrial waste disposal company with a track record of five years or more meets certain standards, a seal of excellence will be printed on the permit and introduced on the Industrial Waste Information Net website.
Daiseki was the first operator to be certified under this system by the city of Nagoya in 2011. As of February 28, 2023, we have been awarded the same certificate of excellence by 49 local government bodies (45 prefectures and four cities).

Occurrence of compliance violations

In FY2023, the Daiseki Group reported in "Initiatives for environmental conservation" that there were no violations of environment-related laws and regulations. In addition, there were no other violations of laws and regulations that would result in fines or penalties.


The scope of the Daiseki Group's business is limited to Japan. We handle taxation matters appropriately in accordance with domestic tax laws. In FY2023, there were no incidents involving non-payment of taxes or additional tax collection in the Daiseki Group.