Corporate information

Corporate information Creating the future
of our earth

As an environment-creating company,
Daiseki will help solve social issues to contribute to the development
of a sustainable society.

  • Nationwide network

    41sites nationwide
    across the Daiseki Group

  • Extensive track record of transactions

    Transaction track record
    Over 10,000 companies

  • High technical capabilities

    Combining highly difficult-to-treat wastewater types
    to reduce treatment difficulty
    Compound treatment

  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations

    Accurate guidance to customers
    concerning legal compliance
    Familiarity with difficult laws and regulations

  • Robust waste receiving system

    Amount of materials received for recycling and treatment
    2 million tons per year

  • Sound financial structure

    Companies capitalized at over JPY1 billion
    such as Daiseki account for only approximately 1%
    of the industrial waste treatment industry