SafetySafety management for partner companies

Safety meetings for partner company executives

Daiseki holds regular safety meetings for executives from partner companies*.
We provide briefings on recent incidents calling for attention and means of addressing these, and request that the companies provide guidance to their employees.

*Partner companies: Companies that are the primary contractors to which Daiseki outsources transport, construction work, etc.

Safety training for partner companies

Safety training for partner company crews (Daiseki Kansai Works)

Safety training for partner company crews
(Daiseki Kansai Works)

Since Daiseki outsources collection of industrial wastes with high risks, we conduct safety trainings for those companies. At Daiseki’s Kansai Works, partner company crews are instructed on examples of accidents that occurred at other companies and countermeasures, as well as how to handle equipment, response measures in emergencies, and other topics.