Environment-related analysis and research

Making full use of the latest technologies, we anticipate and respond to ever more diversified and complex needs.

Advanced technological capabilities are indispensable in the treatment and recycling of industrial wastes. While being generally referred to as "waste oil/acid/ alkali and sludge", each of the industrial wastes that we handle has its unique composition. To meet environmental conservation-related needs that are becoming ever more diversified and complex, we undertake the development of higher-level treatment and recycling technologies and high-value-added products.

Analysis in waste treatment and recycling processes

  • Determination of treatment and recycling methods

    Using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, we perform component analysis on preliminary samples of wastes to determine treatment and recycling methods.

  • Confirmation test

    Upon receiving industrial waste, we rigorously check to see that there are no discrepancies with the preliminary sample. Through detailed checking, we strive for the proper disposal of industrial wastes and the prevention of accidents.

  • Maintenance and management of activated sludge

    Every day, we check the state of microorganisms in the activated sludge. By analyzing the types of microorganisms and their increase or decrease, we can control the load of wastewater to be fed. Stable activated sludge treatment is achieved by checking the load, temperature, and dissolved oxygen content of each tank.

  • Management of wastewater

    We perform thorough monitoring and measurement of raw water, aeration tanks, discharged water, and wastewater as appropriate to the water treatment process, and have an established system for early detection of anomalies.

  • Quality control of recycled products

    As a manufacturer and seller of petroleum products, we conduct strict quality control for our recycled products, earning the trust of the companies that use our products.

  • Waste component analysis and environmental analysis

    We conduct wide-ranging analyses that include environmental analysis of water pollution and component analysis for waste recycling. Based on these analyses, we also engage in contracted research on the development of treatment and recycling methods.

  • Consulting for companies that emit waste

    In addition to recommending more effective treatment and recycling methods to companies that generate industrial waste, we also conduct surveys, research, and offer recommendations to reduce industrial waste.

  • Research and development of recycling technologies

    As industry evolves through technological innovation, the content of wastes also becomes increasingly complex and high-level. As a contractor performing work for cutting-edge companies, we actively undertake the development of new recycling technologies and treatment methods that comply with increasingly more strict regulations in order to contribute to the enhancement of our customers' recycling rates.

  • Measurement certification business

    Four of our sites in Japan are registered as measurement certifiers and provide analysis and measurement certification services, primarily in relation with industrial wastes, to private sector and local government customers. This is another testimony to the strength of Daiseki's technical capabilities.

Major analytical instruments

  • Spectrophotometer


  • Capillary electrophoresis instrument

    Capillary electrophoresis instrument

  • Gas chromatograph

    Gas chromatograph

  • Karl Fischer moisture analyzer

    Karl Fischer moisture analyzer

  • Total organic halogen analyzer

    Total organic halogen analyzer

  • Atomic absorption photometer

    Atomic absorption photometer

  • Calorimeter


  • Heated vaporization mercury measuring instrument

    Heated vaporization mercury measuring instrument

  • Ion chromatograph

    Ion chromatograph

  • Total organic carbon (TOC)

    Total organic carbon (TOC)

  • ICP emission spectrometer

    ICP emission spectrometer

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer

    X-ray fluorescence analyzer

  • PCB analyzer

    PCB analyzer

  • Radioactivity measurement monitor

    Radioactivity measurement monitor

  • BOD measurement instrument

    BOD measurement instrument

  • Automatic flash point analyzer

    Automatic flash point analyzer

  • Bio sensor

    Bio sensor