Initiatives for governance

Initiatives for

Main accomplishments related to governance in FY2023

Number of Board
of Directors Meetings
Number of Audit
and Supervisory Committee meetings
Percentage of external directors
among all directors
(as of May 25, 2023)
  • 1. Number of Management Meetings (11)
  • 2. Appointment and Compensation Committee meetings (March 16, 2022)
  • 3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors (October 2022)
  • 4. Issuance of Corporate Governance Report (May 2023)
  • 1. Establishment of corporate governance by the Board of Directors
  • 2. Creation of an internal control system and an Ethics Charter
  • 3. Promotion of risk management by the Risk Management Committee
  • 4. Enhancement of compliance awareness and knowledge through compliance study sessions
  • 5. Encouragement of the use of the Compliance Consultation Desk and observance of compliance
  • 6. Communication of the Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct to all employees

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Daiseki considers corporate activities in compliance with laws and social norms as the most crucial issue in enhancing transparency and soundness in our corporate management. We adopt an Audit and Supervisory Committee structure, by which three outside directors form an Audit and Supervision Committee to further enhance the supervisory functions of the Board of Directors. One of the outside directors is a woman, who adds valuable input from a female perspective.
In May 2020, we introduced an executive officer system with the aim of clarifying responsibilities for business execution, streamlining management, and accelerating decision-making. Authority necessary for the conduct of routine corporate activities is delegated to the managers of our six Works and the presidents of our six Group companies. Management Meetings are held with the participation of directors, executive officers, managers of Works, directors of Group companies, and other staff.

Click here for the Corporate Governance Report released by Daiseki in December 2023

Daiseki's Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System