Information Security Basic Policies

Daiseki recognizes establishment of "information security" is a priority subject in business operation in the advanced information communication and technological society, and defines its information security basic policies as shown below to make use of information asset the Company has and to implement information security measures.

  • 1. All information assets obtained through Daiseki's business activities shall be protected, and Daiseki implements appropriate control measures for each asset.
  • 2. Daiseki promotes compliance education and complies with relevant laws and regulations upon using and protecting information assets.
  • 3. Daiseki's officers, executives, employees, as well as officers, executives, employees of the Group companies and affiliates are aware of the significance of information security, and follows "Information security control rules" defined separately.
  • 4. The Company implements appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, leak, or manipulation of information asset, and always strives to maintain and improve its information security system.

April 1, 2005
Daiseki Co., Ltd.